Demos 2017


Demonstration Kitchen

Booking Sheet

Marketing Halifax would like to invite your business to take a demonstration slot in the Halifax Food & Drink Festival Demonstration Kitchen, on either Saturday 1st July or Sunday 2nd July.  This form gives you all the information needed to assess whether your business/brand/product/chef would like to run a demo.

Demonstration Details

Your demo will take place on the Halifax Food & Drink Festival Demonstration Kitchen stage which will be located between Southgate, Cornmarket and Russell Street as in previous years.

Each demonstration on stage will be offered a 1-hour slot.  This 1-hour needs to incorporate your set up time, a 35-45 minute cooking demonstration, and a set down time making a total of 1-hour.

Arrival & Departure

You are welcome to arrive 15 minutes prior to your onstage demo slot time (Example: if your slot is 12 noon, you can arrive backstage at 11.45am). As soon as the previous demo has finished on-stage you can set up your equipment onstage and begin your 35-45 minute cooking demonstration.  Once the demo has finished you will be invited to leave the stage to make way for the next demo.  Please note that you are required to remove all your equipment, food and rubbish from the stage to the backstage area as soon as your slot has ended. 


We have booked a Demonstration Kitchen Host for the duration of the festival.  The host will meet you backstage, and once you are ready to cook he will introduce you onstage and you can begin your cooking demonstration.  Should you need the host to remain onstage throughout your demo to interact with you or your representative please let us know on the below booking sheet.

Demonstration Kitchen Equipment Onstage

We have a limited amount of basic equipment both on stage and backstage for you or your representative to use.  If you require anything specific please let us know in advance so we can try to accommodate this.  We do advise bringing your own knives.


Please email for a demo kitchen booking form and return to Marketing Halifax at the following email address: and we will get back to you with details of your confirmed demonstration slot.